Hello from Uruguay!

Our first day with ANEP has been wonderful. Everyone is here is extremely warm, friendly and welcoming! Today we met with ANEP and received a brief overview of Uruguay´s history. Next we met with a group of about 40 student teachers where we presented our projects and had a nice dialogue with them. At these meeting we have identified some key players that we will interview, such as the director of all of the English language curriculum for the country.

After lunch we then met with CFE (the council of formation of education) where they gave us a presentation regarding ANEP`s structure and the formation of this new council which aims at integrating technology into Uruguay´s curriculum. (There we also tasted mate for our first time :))

Next we came to INET (the institute of technological education) where our office is located. Here we were greeted by many people and they were so welcoming and friendly and really made us feel at home.

Lastly, we have been told about an interesting conference which we will try to attend though we have been told the registration is closed.http://squeakland.org/tutorials/

Hope all is well!



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