Finally here…

The note on my desk 🙂

This blog comes with a bit of a delay, I hope you enjoy it though:

This is the first week of the program and things have been going pretty smoothly on the Pittsburgh side. While the team in Montevideo is adjusting to a new culture and work environment all while working really hard on needs assessment, I have been doing research and more research about relevant literature and most of all experimenting with an XO laptop. I made a new friend this week! A small white and green XO laptop J I am trying to collect information that might be useful at some point during the internship to the team; that would hopefully save us some time.

That being said, research and adjustment were not the most significant events of the week. As of yesterday, we are now seven people on the 2011 iSTEP team instead of eight. Meghan and I had our moment of panic in Newell Simon Hall! As a team, we had brainstormed many unexpected events that could happen this summer, yet we never thought of this one. Although we will miss Jon, we wish him the best in his future endeavors. “Ce n’est pas la fin du monde”, a professor of mine used to say. Thanks to great team spirit and coordination not only among the internship team but also our advisors and TBW team, suggestions for contingency plans were rolled out and an initial agreement has been reached. The main goal was to redistribute the tasks in the most sensible way that has the least impact on the accomplishment of our projects. We all have faith in our projects and respect the trust the partners put in us and so changes in team roles are going to be implemented accordingly. Stay tuned!

I mentioned Newell Simon Hall because that is where Meghan and I are working this summer. We share a lab with other people working on robot related projects or at least this is what I think. Strangely the lab goes from moments of absolute silence to lively discussions between our lab-mates or between Meghan and me. One of our many short conversations was about taking pictures! We decided that we had to start documenting our time here. After some funny phone pictures that I promised I will delete (maybe not J), we got a camera from TBW and started experimenting with it. That is when we realized that we should think about creative picture taking ideas. Work in progress…

I hope you’ll continue to follow our journey between Doha, Pittsburgh and Montevideo 🙂



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