Montevideo: Where everything happens a little slower…

Our first week here in Montevideo, we attended a lot of meetings  with ANEP officials, teachers  and others from Liceo 39, and students and teachers at IPA and INET. Everyone was on time and we were all shocked at the punctuality of just about everyone we met.

iSTEP Interns + Virginia (teacher) at Ciudad Vieja

However, as of last week, it seems everything is slowly being delayed… everything happens between 5-30 minutes behind schedule. It’s not a bad thing; it’s just something that I need to adjust to. My parents always taught me to be early to things. Despite all the rebelling my brother and I did as teens, we were always punctual.

We’re also still suffering from a lack of internet in our apartment. We had people from ANTEL (the communications organization here, like Comcast) come on Wednesday last week, but apparently there is still a phone line under contract in our jack. Because of a lack of internet, us Montevideo interns have been forced to do things like bond with each other and leave the apartment… but for serious, it’s actually been a little fun without the internet. We’ve discovered many restaurants and internet cafes around our apartment. We’ve gotten to taste more food and meet more people because we aren’t holed up in our apartment on Skype. But now we’ve made some friends… so we’d like internet in our apartment. J (My mom informed me this is the first time since I was two that I’ve not had internet where I lived… as a Computer Science major, you can only imagine how this has been)

Everyone is super friendly and helpful. We can ask just about anyone how to get somewhere and they don’t mind taking a second or two to tell us. No one seems to be in any particular hurry to get places and so they take the time to help people and admire their surroundings – definitely something I need to start doing! It’s a great city and beautiful country. I’m very much enjoying myself so far!



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