Not Your Typical Summer Internship

A common question people keep asking me is what are you doing this summer? for some people its easy “oh I’m working as an analyst at XYZ” or “i’m writing code for ABC”.

For me, although It doesn’t seem to tricky, for this internship, saying what I’m doing – Marketing and Dissemination for the iSTEP internship program usually gets a response of huh or so what does that mean.  Trying to fit in a full description doesn’t always work so what I’ve taken to saying is I work on the marketing campaign, the social media outreach and coordinating the final report for a student technology project developing English Literacy tools in Uruguay. That tends to get an “Ok, sounds like fun!” type of response and it intrigues people because its not a typical summer internship.

And that is what I think is one of my favorite parts about this internship. It isn’t your normal, run of the mill summer job. Not many summer internships involve coordinating with people on 3 continents. Nor do most summer internships give you the freedom to really take control of your work and to move it in the direction that you want. TechBridgeWorld has been great in giving us the groundwork and the guidelines of what we need to do, but it is up to us to really push through and make the projects our own. I love that when this internship is officially over in 7 weeks, we will all have tangible reports, posters, codes, etc. that we can say we did and what we have done is laid the foundation for future work. That’s pretty cool 🙂

Plus we can all say we’ve learned some awesome skills – in multiple areas, not just the ones we are “officially” hired for. Because our team is so interdisciplinary, everyone is getting experience learning about conducting needs assessment or how to utilize social media or how to create something that is engaging for students. I love that already, I’ve learned how to create stuff on InDesign/Illustrator, skills I’ve never had before. I’m really looking forward to what else this summer will bring!



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