Oh Uruguay, you so crazy…

It’s been over a month since we landed in Montevideo, Uruguay, and what a crazy month it’s been! We’ve met tons of people, explored the city, experienced some crazy weather patterns, and most of all… worked on our projects.

Over the past week, lots of stuff has happened. Last Wednesday, we went to Valerio’s (a favorite restaurant of ours because it has internet :)) to watch the Peñarol vs. Santos Copa Liberatadores game. It was very intense. People were listening to radios to get the news a few seconds before the TV could show it, we heard fireworks from the stadium several miles away, people were honking horns and lingering outside Valerio’s just to see the TV. Tons of people also had their Peñarol shirts on and flags out. Ironically, Peñarol sports the same colors as the Pittsburgh Steelers, so I don’t quite feel comfortable supporting them, being a Baltimore Ravens fan and all.

This past Wednesday, I received two XO laptops from the lovely people at Plan Ceibal.

My XO laptops talking to each other 🙂

They’re bright blue! I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to understand exactly how they work. Sometimes the Sugar interface, designed for children, actually confuses me so I use some Linux commands to get around… cheating, yes, but I’ll figure Sugar out soon! The laptops are really neat because they can connect to each other without internet. I looked pretty cool with three laptops, two XOs and my own laptop testing them and chatting with myself…

This weekend, I also spent a lot of time writing my specification document. It’s a pretty important step in the software development process because it outlines all the features you want, the user interface design, how you plan on doing everything, etc. My clip art was pretty silly, but it got the idea across. Right now, the tool is going to be written in Python using the PyGTK library for the user interface and some C functions (if necessary) for the backend. I’m pretty excited to get started. My goal is to finish writing a “Hello, World” (basic program) activity for the XOs and progress from there!

Happy first day of summer/winter to everyone! Hope anyone who has warm weather is enjoying it; it’s a bit chilly here in Montevideo!



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