Summer Opportunities at CMU

It is hard to believe we are now more than halfway done with the iSTEP internship! While work is in full swing and everyone is busy, I want to write about what being at CMU during the summer has shown me about our university and city.

When people hear I’m working in Pitt on a project located in Uruguay, they ask why didn’t I want to go there because it would be “cooler” and better than Pitt. While I have a variety of reasons for staying stateside this summer, I’ve really enjoyed being here because of the amazing things to do. And now I have the time to do them!

I’ve been able to explore great restaurants, get awesome ice cream (Oh yeah!), and even see the Science Center for the first time. Plus I got to see the unveiling of the moon lander and hear President Obama speak on CMU’s campus. In addition, CMU has offered out (and will be offering), trips and tickets to the Pirates, Pittsburgh Power, and Harry Potter!. That’s not to mention the concerts, festivals (Arts and Furbies so far….) and open air movies in Schenley Park!

Some other random, but awesome, reasons to be in PItt and at CMU include –
(1) ability to meet up with professors or advisors to plan for research or apply for stuff
(2) Able to print on the CMU network! (i.e. use the $40 you get during the summer regardless of if you are here or not)
(3) Meet up with some of the awesome Doha students that are here
(4) Actually enjoy Pittsburgh weather
(5) See tons of little kids walking around campus with their lanyards
(6) ….. add in your own if you are also in Pitt 🙂

Pittsburgh and CMU have a lot to offer any student, even during the “slow” summer months. Opportunities for fun and even learning (free language classes at the library anyone?) abound during the summer. One just needs to be willing to go out and look for them!

– Meghan


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