Half Way Point!

I have known for some years now that time flies, still it never ceases to amaze me just how fast the time goes! And just when I discovered ‘noisettes’!!!  (They are little fried potato balls with mashed potatoes inside….delicious!) I also finally accepted that it is ok to order chicken dishes, even if I am in one of the beef capitals of the world – self acceptance is so sweet. However, this past week I finally started to miss some foods which cannot be found here. I yearn for some tasty Thai food or an Indian buffet ($8 all you can eat!) The concept of eating vegetables with every meal is not a popular one here either and I miss my greens! I miss Trader Joes as well. Learning to cook in a new country can be pretty challenging, but it has been an interesting process, no doubt.

Aside from that, I can’t believe we are here for only another five weeks. It feels like we have accomplished so much in terms of our working relationships and working with our partners here, but it also feels like we have so much left to do! I think we have all settled into our routines and have found our favorite restaurants near the office and such and soon we will be leaving again. Still, we will not soon forget the relationships we have built here and all the life and cultural lessons we have learned. For example, while intellectually I knew that professional relationships would function differently here, I could not know just how different they would be until having worked here. Now I know that working with others in Uruguay requires some aspect of a social relationship as well. During our first weekend here we were surprised to find that everyone we met from ANEP seemed to be old friends, but now we have come to understand that this is the way working relationships manifest themselves and we have had to ‘join them!’ It’s been a wonderful experience and I am sure I will keep many of these relationships for a long while to come.

– Vanessa


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