Shania Twain and Dog Poop

I know you’ve all read about how much those of us in Montevideo love the city. It’s a wonderful city full of very courteous and friendly people. The ocean (river?) is beautiful, although the weather is a little cold. However, there are two things that I cannot get used to about Uruguay.

The first is country music. American country music, to be exact. Why, Uruguayans? I hate country music. It’s a personal thing, but I avoid it at all costs necessary. I expected to come to Uruguay and hear minimal American music, probably some top 40’s hits and that would be that. But no, they love their country music. I heard Shania Twain in a club and everyone was so excited. Really, Montevideo? Shania Twain in a club?

The second thing, as the title suggests, is dog poop. Uruguayans love their dogs, but they do not love to clean up after their dogs. There are lots of little, super fun surprises you have to avoid while walking around on the sidewalks. Sure, I get it. You like dogs. You like taking your dogs on walks and romping all around with them. But come on. It’s not that hard to carry a plastic bag to keep the sidewalks a little safer for me to walk and text.

Overall, though, besides the cold, country music, poop, and cost of living, I’m a happy little camper. Now that I’ve ranted, it’s time to get back to coding my application! I hope everyone is enjoy their warm weather; I sure miss it.



3 thoughts on “Shania Twain and Dog Poop

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