Where in the world?

I always used to love playing the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? games. It’s one of the ways I learned geography and I’m glad I have that knowledge now, working on the iSTEP 2011.

Each intern brings their own background and culture to the program. Even though we all attend Carnegie Mellon University in either Pittsburgh or Doha, the diverse team represents 5 countries: Sudan, Morocco, Mexico, Pakistan, and the US.  And it isn’t just the interns that are diverse. Our advisors at TechBridgeWorld also bring different cultural backgrounds to the table.

Hello in Many Languages

Crazy, right? But that’s typical of CMU – working with people from around the globe.

This experience has been richer and more interesting because of this diversity.Not to mention, its also been cool to just talk about people’s home countries (such as discussing the proposed constitutional reforms in Morocco with Hanae!)

Working in Uruguay this summer, the team has benefited from the expertise and knowledge of the two native Spanish speaking members. The team has also used their differing backgrounds in  schooling to create different designs and ideas for the technology tools. Combining our varied experiences into designing a more comprehensive and usable tool for the students in Uruguay is a great, and unique benefit of our team.



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