My Uruguayan Bucket List

As our departure date quickly approaches, I think we all feel the pressure to make sure we check off all those items on our Uruguayan bucket list. I know I do! It’s time to try all the restaurants I’ve been eyeing since our arrival and the cities I have heard so much about from Uruguayos. Some of those items include visiting the coastal cities. I recently learned that I actually have a friend managing a hostal in Punta del Diablo, a small beach town about four hours away from Montevideo. What a small world! I was amazed to find I had a friend whom I studied abroad with six years ago in this same little country! I went and stayed with her for a couple days and discovered a whole new side of Uruguay that I had not seen! Due to it being winter, and therefore the low season, the town was abandoned, but I could envision the exuberance the town must display in its high season! The many hostals and little bars and shops on the beach must make for a very exciting place to visit in the summer!

Last night I also finally tried a restaurant that I have wanted to try since we first arrived; Fellini, a nice Italian restaurant about a block away from our apartment. Thursday evenings happen to be karaoke night with live music. It was a wonderful dining experience and we even had the night’s singing champion as part of our party, Roberto’s wife, Azucena! She sings so beautifully that we even joked about her replacing the hired singer!  We vowed to return on another Thursday. Next restaurant I have to try is Palenque, a parrillada restaurant in Mercado del Puerto, and our very own parrillada on our terrace.

Lastly, I have started making plans to travel outside of Uruguay. I finally have plans to visit Buenos Aires, which is very exciting!! That is a city that has been on my bucket list for years and I also have some friends there that I look forward to seeing soon. I have also started looking into visiting Iguazu Falls once we complete the internship, which I know is a must-see! I am very excited about the prospect of visiting and learning about new cities and cultures. I have certainly been enjoying learning about the Uruguayan and cannot emphasize enough how wonderful the people are! Ciao!


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