A flower from each garden!

“A flower from each garden” is a proverb that Arabs use to describe the act of getting something from different areas or categories and I will use that to describe my experience with iSTEP 2011 and the various areas that I was exposed to.

Although I am the Technical Floater in Doha, my experience and tasks were not all technical. I had a chance to get work and learn other skills too. So I was involved in the documentation, design and marketing too like what I am doing now, blogging about my experience and share it with others. Even the technical side of my role exposed me to different powerful tools that we are using for the implementation for the three projects.

The best part of this variety in tasks and areas is that you work with different people according to the area and experience. Finally, I think being part of a globally distributed team is a totally different experience than the previous teams I worked with. I realized that there are some factors that are really important such as communication and time that the team has to take into consideration to achieve their goals.



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