What’s so global about our globalized world?

We are now in the final weeks of the internship and things are getting really intense. For the past few days I’ve been involved in developing and adding features to the Facebook game that we have been building, as well as completing the documentation requirements.

Our Montevideo team visited the partner school, Liceo 39, a few days ago to test the OCT tool. On our way to the school I was looking back on my time in Uruguay and I noticed that I had always been thinking of new encounters and things that I found to be different here. This made me think about why I never thought about things that I found in Uruguay that were similar to the place where I came from. Yes, this ultimately led to the question: what are the things in this world that are truly universal? English is often referred to as Lingua Franka, but I’ve spent enough time in China and Uruguay to know that it clearly is not! Many times I’ve been told that music is the language of the world, but I clearly disagree again. People don’t enjoy the same type of music around the world; they always have different preferences. For a long time, I then took chocolate to be a global attribute, but even this conclusion couldn’t stand the test of time – I very recently met a chocolate hater! Never knew they existed 🙂

So what is truly global? Luckily, I found my answers an hour later – at Liceo 39. When I met with the students we work with, I was immediately taken back to the time when I was a child going to school. I realized that if there is one thing that is common in the whole world, it is the innocence with which children come into this world. They all love to enjoy life, and laugh and grow up in the same way everywhere around the world, be it in Doha or in Montevideo. The all like to have fun, and enjoy time with their friends, and laugh out loud without worrying about the pressures of the world around them. I found this very beautiful.

But that wasn’t it – I had more answers coming my way. As the kids interacted with the OCT and used it to answer questions, and then toyed around with their little laptops, I thought about the fact that even though we all come from different parts of the world and have different languages and cultures, we still use the same technologies to power our daily lives. Be it in terms of providing sources of entertainment, helping us conduct our business interests, or as is the case of the kids at Liceo 39, assisting them in improving their literacy skills, we all use the same technologies. I realized that technology is so global that it can be implemented anywhere to improve the lives of people. Another beautiful thing about our world!

As we wrapped up our testing phase at Liceo 39, I was very surprised with the answers I got within a few hours to such a complex question, and how content it made me feel with the way the world works. I left the school with a new resolution: to not only think about the sad things about this world, but to also look out for the beautiful things that this world has to offer us. That’s all for now! I’ll go back to coding my facebook tool. Here’s a picture of the testing session at the school!

Kids and Technology working well together!

– Afnan


4 thoughts on “What’s so global about our globalized world?

  1. This posting is great!!! I think the students learnt a lot from you, and they felt so so comfortable with all of you that I could not believe it!!! within a classroom, there are differences, but the xos make these differences to be smaller, they feel they are alike !!!!! thank you very much for coming!!!!

    • hey Virginia thanks for the kind words! i’m really grateful for getting this opportunity and really hope that the students were able to get something out of this. I really like the perspective you have on the XO’s, and i’m glad for all the time I spent in Uruguay!


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