Nearing the End

We’re actually about to enter the last week of the internship and the pressure is definitely on. I’ve been working very hard these past two weeks on the OCT, and it seems to have paid off in the testing we had on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, we went to the Liceo and tested the OCT with students on their XO laptops. For the most part, the tool functioned just as it was supposed to. The app never crashed and students could load, fill out, complete, and export an assignment.

Now, I’m working on having the tool automatically grade and redesigning the user interface. Students’ main complaint was that it needed more colors and to be more attractive. My background isn’t in user interface design. I’ve actually never even programmed in Python or used an XO laptop before this internship! It’s been a challenge, for sure.

On Monday will be the last testing session for the OCT. From there, I’ll work on making the user manual, final presentation, and fixing up my section of the final report. It’ll be a busy last week!



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