Social Media, iSTEP, and Pittsburgh!

Over the past 10-weeks I have learned a lot about working in a multi-disciplinary, globally distributed team. I have also learned a lot more about marketing and organizing report writings. Plus, I’ve also gotten the chance to have fun in Pittsburgh!

A couple of the top things I have learned include: 1) using social media 2) writing professionally and 3) setting firm deadlines.

iSTEP 2011's Website

Social media is a team effort and to make all of our success possible, everyone on the team contributed (such as with the blog!). This, and our other sites helped us get featured elsewhere, including the Pittsburgh Business Times, in the One Laptop Per Child blog, and on different CMU sites (like SCS, Robotics Institute, CMU-Q, and CMU!). I really like seeing all the publicity and recognition our hard work has gotten us and hope that it continues!

Pittsburgh has been awesome this summer. Staying here I have seen some of the amazing things the Burgh has to offer. Going to the Science Center, seeing the midnight Harry Potter show, and going to a casting call for “Magnus Rex” – the code name for a movie being filmed here – were all a lot of fun. Plus I’ve been able to meet up with some students from our Doha campus taking classes this summer! You never not what the day is going to hold and its been so much fun to have the chance to explore and enjoy the city.

The iSTEP internship program was truly a unique opportunity and a great chance to learn a lot. I am very thankful to have had this experience and am encouraged by the work that we have accomplished. I hope that the tools the team has developed will have an impact on learning and teaching English in Uruguay.

– Meghan


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