Lessons Learned in Uruguay

What have I learned this summer?

1) How Plan Ceibal works. From a policy standpoint, it has been
amazing to understand how Plan Ceibal is implemented and what and who is
behind the program. I never realized before all the logistics and
technical challenges that a policy should face when a big change in the
system is implemented, such as Plan Ceibal.

2) I never worked before with 15 year old kids. I have always worked
with adults but have enjoyed working with them. I realized how
positive and confident people at that age are about the future.

3) Even though I am from Mexico, a country in Latin America, our cultures are
different. This has been an opportunity for me to learn the working
culture of a different country. As a tourist or even as a student, you
hardly have the opportunity to know the professional culture. In our case,
we have been working for ten weeks with ANEP, having meetings and
interacting with the people in charge of defining the education of

4) I have learned from working in a team with members of different ages. I
liked to interact with people younger and older than me. It is an
opportunity to be exposed to different point of views, which enriches our
work as a team.

– Roberto


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