About iSTEP

TechBridgeWorld, a research group based in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon, runs t, the innovative Student Technology ExPerience. Known as iSTEP, this program selects undergraduate and graduate students from across the Carnegie Mellon community to provide them with a real world application of the skills they learn in the classroom.  For 10 weeks this summer, students from both the Pittsburgh and Doha campuses of Carnegie Mellon University will work together to develop 3 projects to improve English literacy programs in Montevideo, Uruguay.

One project, the One-Laptop-Per-Child/Online Tool (OCT), involves creating a culturally relevant English literacy tool that can be accessed using both desktop computers and the OLPC laptops that have been distributed to over 350,000 Uruguayan school students.

Another project involves a content authoring tool to facilitate downloading and uploading literacy tools created by the English literacy experts in Uruguay. This interface would help direct students, and others with an interest in learning English, to a central, cohesive site that is easy to use and has material that can be used offline.

The final project plans to utilize the popularity of mobile phones to create a tool students can use to practice their English.

Team members include:

Afnan Fahim, Elise Gonzales, Asma Hamid, Meghan Nahass, Roberto Ponce Lopez, Hanae Timoulali, and Vanessa Vazquez

Check out our website for more information and Follow the Journey with us this summer on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr.

Note – The opinions expressed by the bloggers are theirs alone, and do not reflect the
opinions of Carnegie Mellon University, TechBridgeWorld or the iSTEP program,
or any employee thereof. Carnegie Mellon University is not responsible for the
accuracy of the information supplied by the bloggers.


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